An example of ROC Engineering’s design and programming capabilities are listed below.  Please contact us for more information on how we can help integrate your systems.

Transmission Pump Test Stand —

Project List

PLC Based Control System built for a supplier of pumps to the automotive industry.

Our customer needed a test stand that could be adapted to various pump sizes and configurations. As the unit was to be used for “production verification” it was decided that the system needed to include a simple “fill in the blanks” operator control station.

The control system is a PLC with an HMI front-end that allows for simple setup, testing and data acquisition of; pressure, temperature, and flow. ui —built for Chinese Manufacturer.

Robotic Weld Cells —

System integration of complete semi-automatic robotic welding cells.

This customer required the integration of multiple welding cells. Each cell included a single robot with multiple fixtures. Each cell was manually loaded/unloaded with articulating fixtures to allow welding in multiple locations without operator intervention.

We provided the cells with a control system that allowed for quick and simple alterations for future production requirements.

These cells were designed, built, and shipped in under 8 weeks! ui —built for Chinese Manufacturer.

Laser Cutting / Scribing Station —

Concept, design, and programming of a lean cell Laser based workstation.

This indegrated a YAG laser with a multi-axis CNC control system. The customer needed a system that would allow for rapid adaptation in a “lab” environment while developing new applications for the Automotive industry.

The system utilitzes the flexibility of an Aerotech A3200 CNC, allowing the customer to import parts directly from their CAD models.

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