Service List —

A high percentage of our work is focused on the supply of engineering consulting to local Automotive based OEM suppliers. We have a history of working in close relationships with our customers, working as an extension of their sales, concept, and engineering departments. For most of our customers, ROC Engineering is the only firm they consider as their “Controls Engineering Group”.

Engineering Consulting—

ROC Engineering has developed a relationship with one of the oldest and best Panel Builders / Field Installation companies in the area. With a 15 year relationship, our panel builders know our standards and expectations and work as an extension of our staff, providing the highest quality work in the industry.

Panel Build / Field Installation —

Over the years we have successfully launched a number of new and innovative ideas brought to us by our customers, creating marketable products that didn’t exist—many of them now patented and considered revolutionary in their fields.

We enjoy the challenge and work as “partners” with our customers to ensure the highest possible success rate in these opportunities. Let us know where we can help you bring your ideas to reality.

Product Development / Design / Implementation—

With our experience spanning 25+ years of control system history, we can provide “Hot” support your PLC / CNC / Robot / PC based control system.

If you have a control system, one of our engineers likely has experience programming  / servicing it.!

Please review our list of Platforms here…


Production Support—

With today’s tight budgets and increasing productivity demands, ROC Engineering can assist you with retrofitting and rebuilding of you existing equipment.

Many of our customer have dramatically increased their quality and throughput by working with us to bring their older equipment up-to-date with the latest technology.

Our knowledge of your existing “legacy” platforms allows us to quickly and inexpensively recommend and implement new control systems saving you time and money.

Retrofitting / Rebuilding —

Where Integrity and Experience Meet Quality Meets Quality